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Here, selections from 5 wedding videos I shot and edited show you a range of different styles.    
  I shot this music video in a San Francisco night club with one camera and a lot of editing techniques.  
I specialize in making DVDs and Web videos for college-bound, high school athletes.    
  I hired a professional actress to narrate this demonstration of my green screen editing techniques that I recorded in my green screen studio.   "
These sample interviews were shot under different lighting circumstances, indoors and outdoors.    
  I used a green screen for this shoot and edited in photos with motion graphics for the special effects.  
This is a 30 second commercial I shot and edited to air on Comcast cable TV stations.    
  I shot and edited this product promotion video for my customer's YouTube channel and website.  
There are many more videos on my YouTube channel. Please go there and enjoy! Click here:

Video Spark Production's channel