Photography by Gig Hitao

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  Composite From 2 Video Freeze Frames
    Composite From 3 Photos
Classic Car Show
  Green Screen Studio Photography
Real Seamstress
    Digital Editing Photo Background
Old Fashioned Seamstress Image
  Artistic Blurry Background Using Low Depth of Field
    Deep Depth of Field Focus
Napa Valley Wedding
  Live Action Using Fast Shutter Speed
Bicycles Stunt
    Zoom Lens Anonymous Crowd Shot
Wine Tasting Event
  Studio Lighting and Selling Prints
Holiday Portraits
    Indoor Flash Quick Action
Photography Show
San Francisco
  Backdrop Posing
Fashion Show
San Francisco
    Close-up Focus
Silver Sculpture Jewelry
by Michael Marx, Alameda
  Geometric Symmetrical Framing
Cologne, Germany
    Moving View Capture
  Commercial Close-up
Restaurant Burger
    Industrial Strength
Retired Train Engine
  Spontaneous Moving Action
Wedding in Germany
    Creative Artistic Angle
New York City
  Artistic Thematic Framing
Delta King, Sacramento
    Interesting Live Content Framing
  Artistic Perspective Close-up
Egyptian Style Art
    Unpredictable Movement
  Indoor Lighting Adjustment
Fitness Business
Menlo Park
    Outdoor Night Light Exposure
Miami at Night
  Difficult Content Perspective
    Historical Landmark Classic Framing
Luther Burbank's Home & Gardens
  See more photography I shot for customers on my Flickr account.
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