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2017 October - December Recorded, edited and made DVDs of a wedding, a live theater show, and a Bar Mitzvah. Also took photos of the remains of wild fire destruction in Santa Rosa and posted them on the Video Spark Productions Facebook page.

Facebook page
July - September Hired as a photographer for a long distance running race at Salt Point State Park and posted the pictures on my new Flickr account. Also shot still photos for a corporate ground breaking ceremony, in South San Francisco. Helped form a new Meetup group of filmmakers. Video recorded and edited wedding videos in Mendocino County, Sonoma County and Marin County. Video recorded a country band playing live in a night club in Penngrove.

April - June Hired as a photographer for a 30th birthday party, in a highrise lounge, in San Francisco. Recorded and edited sports highlight videos for high school girls lacrosse and high school boys baseball. Recorded another classical music piano lesson. Also worked as a second video shooter for a corporate interview, in San Francisco.

"My son loves his baseball highlight reel."

2017 January - March Recorded a book author in my green screen studio and made book promotion videos for him. Finished backlog of editing projects. Experimenting with animation. Working more hours as a remote TV cameras operator for live TV shows of Santa Rosa local government and education board meetings.

"I've been getting great reviews for these book videos, you made for me."

2016 September - December Recorded a religious ceremony at a home in Los Altos Hills, a scientific panel presentation about Russian River flows, another band playing at a winery, another wedding, more TV studio camera work and plenty of video editing, editing and more editing.

June - August Recorded and edited more weddings, more piano lessons, more parties, more music bands and a quinceañera ceremony.
"Oh boy, oh boy, this piano lesson video is just out of da park! I'm so happy we ended the series like this. Thank you for the fantastic edits. I am humbled and deeply grateful for your huge part in making this all come to fruition."

March - May Recorded and edited a concert promotion sales video, a wedding, piano lessons, and a graduation ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts, in San Francisco. Also worked a lot of hours for the TV station, where I do remote cameras and digital graphics.

"This video should boost our ticket sales!"

2016 January - February I shot and edited a music video with some animation and melodrama scenes, and then two different live band highlight videos, and more piano instructional videos.

I purchased a new camcorder with a shotgun microphone to give me greater capabilities to shoot different kinds of situations, and then used it for a corporate shoot in San Francisco.

2015 September - December More musician recordings and editing. Also worked as a projectionist for the Wine Country Film Festival in Kenwood and Glen Ellen. They asked me to make a video of a live concert they had before the feature film, which I did. Then my video was shown at Kenwood Restaurant to a live audience. They liked it! In November, I recorded a military funeral and edited it into a highlight DVD for the family.

Wine Country Film Festival Concert - YouTube
July - August I shot a variety of video presentations at a real estate office in Berkeley, recorded a corporate workshop in Millbrae and assisted another videographer with video interviews in Rohnert Park, for a health organization.

"My wife said you were great!"

March - June I was hired by an established video production company in Baltimore, Maryland, to record a video interview in Lost Altos. I bought a new lens with a low aperture to use for this assignment.

I recorded audio and video of two branding workshops given in Santa Rosa for a marketing company in Seattle. Each workshop was over 2 hours long.

Recorded and edited several sporting events, private events, music videos, video documentation of a personal fitness challenge, a business commercial product pitch for fundraising websites, and more corporate events.

"The footage was good."

"The videos are great."

"We got the DVDs. Thanks, Gig!"

"You did a great job on our graduation DVDs. Great editing job. Appreciate all of your hard work!"

2015 January - February Creative editing of music performances for the Sally Christian Music YouTube channel.

Sally Christian Music YouTube channel

2014 December Took a second shooter to record an international corporate panel presentation in San Francisco. Edited it into a full presentation video and a highlight video.

October - November I'm working for CMedia, the only TV station in Santa Rosa, recording government meetings, events, etc.

August - September Set up my green screen studio, hired a professional actress and recorded a demonstration video to show my techniques using green screen editing.

See it on the Videos page.

June - July Shot and edited a graduation ceremony in San Francisco, a wedding in San Jose, a wedding in Sonoma, another wedding in San Jose, and several bands playing in a night club in San Rafael.

"I was very happy with everything! Felt like we had a good agreement that worked well for both of us and you executed as you promised. The video is exactly what we wanted to capture."

May I built this rechargeable battery spotlight with diffuser platform to fit on a tripod. Now I've got light where there are no electric power outlets available.

Got paid to shoot outdoor still photos of a remodeled apartment complex, and they then used several of my pics on their website.

2014 January - April Finished various video editing projects. More shooting on locations with repeat customers.

Upgraded my MacBook Pro computer operating system to OS-X Mavericks, and then bought the newest version of Final Cut Pro for editing and Motion for special effects.

2013 December Busy shooting and editing 5 professional theater shows, an instructional video, a party event and a live band music highlight video. Challenging conditions, and I love it!

November Hired a vocalist and recorded a sound track with a Karaoke version of a famous song, then edited a collection of video clips for a humorous "End of Year" corporate music video presentation.

Shot a boys soccer tournament game and edited that with clips and photos of two more games from a second shooter.

Also shot and edited a party on a cruise boat, sailing around the Bay at night.

"It did the trick."

"The kids had so much fun watching the highlights. You should have heard them cheer and scream."

Cruise Party video
September - October Consulted, planned shot list and recorded a TV commercial with models in a photography studio, in Alameda.

Also started shooting boys sports for another video company, SportsVideoNet.

  July - August Shot and edited an anniversary party in a big hotel in San Francisco, another sports video, more piano teaching videos, and more photos of musicians, etc.

  March - June More repeat customers for video shoots and editing.

Recorded video and audio of wedding party speeches and celebration.

Organized my YouTube channel into playlists.

My YouTube channel

  February Finished shooting and editing this artistic, music performance, called "Celestial Encounters," that some people say is my best work yet.

Shot and edited another video journalism piece.

See it on the Videos page.

1 Billion Rising
2013 January Edited a creative, artistic, fantasy music performance piece.

2012 October - December More shooting, editing and experimenting with special effects.

  September Shot and edited, over the past few months, a series of piano teaching videos for digital downloads, and credited on the Sally Christian Music website as their videographer.

Shot a video-log and still photos of Pennsylvania Hip Hop star T.I.T.O. FREEZE visiting the San Francisco Bay Area.

Video recorded an amateur theater production, in Corte Madera.

Hired by an advertising firm in Florida to shoot video clips for a TV commercial at a car dealership in Ukiah.

Production Team

"The footage for the commercial came out nice."
  August Made a music video of The Ripoffs band playing in a night club in San Francisco.

Videographer for a wedding event, in Santa Rosa.

Shot and edited another soccer video, this time with second shooter, Harvey Danger, in Santa Rosa, and then by myself at a game in Concord.

Shot a couple of video interviews for a health clinic's website.

The Ripoffs Video Web Page
  July Live outdoor concert of Gator Beat in Santa Rosa with second shooter, Harvey Danger, and separate direct audio recording - now embedded on their website.

Shot lacrosse games for GameTime Footage at Sonoma State University.

Shot another photography contest for Art Rockx in San Francisco.

Wrote blog, took pictures and video interviews of the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit in Mountain View for BizzTeams, posted on their blog pages.

Gator Beat Video Web Page

BizzTeam Blog
  May - June Shot more video (a Cotillion party, sports, a graduation event...) and did more editing projects (vintage cars...) for new and repeat customers. It's all good!

"The coaches like your video. They said it was different, unique."

"We didn't just like it; we LOVE it! Your design concept for the sales piece was clearly the way to go."

  April First time hired by an international company, BizzClick, to shoot video interviews at the AdTech show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

BizzTeam interviews
  March Hired by a national company, CityBuzz, based in New York City, to shoot video interviews and descriptive shots of Biscoff Coffee Corner at Pier 39 and also the California Academy of Sciences, both in San Francisco.

Shot more sports action in Palo Alto for another customer's college recruitment video.

Bought a wireless lavalier microphone system to add to my audio recording equipment. The receiver plugs into my video camera.

  February Created, printed and applied labels to DVDs for another photographer in El Cerrito.

Made this commercial for a retail outlet changing to online e-commerce business. It runs less than 4 minutes.

“They look good!"

"You did a fantastic job here!"

Starstruck Boutique Party
2012 January Shot video of another high school soccer game, this time in Burlingame. “My daughter put one of your clips on her Facebook page, where you captured her defending against a friend on the other team.  She really enjoyed all the footage.  I'll contact you if we need more.”

2011 December Hired as the photographer to shoot and print pictures of children and adults with Santa at an open house at Massage Envy in Cotati.

Made my first corporate video for VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa in Colorado and Texas. The 10 minute video included pictures, videos, graphics and music. My client said it was the best presentation of the day and ordered 4 more DVDs.

Did more video camera work for ArtRockx in San Francisco.

Massage Envy in Cotati, Ca.

See one on the Photography page.


See some on the Photography page.
  November Hired to make a sports video: soccer. I combined a night game in Santa Rosa with a day practice in Petaluma and mixed in my original music.

See it on the Videos page.
  October Tried my hand at video photo journalism with this short edited clip of the Occupy Santa Rosa march and rally on October 15.

After conducting a marketing research survey of professional consultants, I then completed a major redesign of this website.

Worked again with ArtRockx in San Francisco.

Occupy Santa Rosa
  September Worked several more times with ArtRockx at the Sausalito Art Festival, the Filmore Art Festival and The Cellar nightclub.


Recorded a yoga practice video for Bikram Yoga Studio in Santa Rosa.

Did more camera work for ArtRockx and for The Interactive Broadcasting Company.

Bikram Yoga of Santa Rosa
  July Began to work as a video camera operator for The Interactive Broadcasting Company in Oakland.

Began to work as a video camera operator for ArtRockx in The Cellar nightclub in San Francisco.

Learned more video editing techniques using special affects and made a video to demonstrate them.

The Interactive Broadcasting Company

Art Rockx

Ordinary to Spectacular
  June Bought a photographic daylight balanced light bulb to use with my light set.

  May Made a video of a fundraising event for the annual Luther Burbank Rose Parade.

Made a video of May Day celebrations in Santa Rosa.

Rose Parade Benefit Viewing

May Day California
  April Recorded a cooking show for a woman in Novato and made a 16 minute DVD and a 14 minute DVD.

Bought a new microphone and mixing board to use for recording music and audio to go with videos.

See a sample clip on the Videos page.
  March Video Spark Productions changed from doing business in Oakland to doing business in Santa Rosa. I created the first version of the Video Spark Productions website and linked it to the Video Spark Café website as an historical reference.

2011 February Video Spark Café in Oakland closed, because there were not enough restaurant patrons to make a profit.

Recorded my first original music video at Video Spark Café and uploaded it to YouTube.

The Obamas Song
2010 December Made a video of a retired coach who was accepted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement coaching high school and college sports.

The first Video Greeting Card was made for a customer at Video Spark Café.

See a sample clip on my YouTube channel.

See it on my YouTube channel.
2010 May Video Spark Productions went into business in Oakland, California inside and along with Video Spark Café. Special events at the café were recorded and used in several videos. Make It Happen

Video Spark Show 2010